Road description

Cerro del Pozo is an eagle’s nest and so there is no public transport to the finca, but there is in the city of Adra (half an hour away from the finca). The distance from Almeria Airport to Adra is about 40 minutes and the distance from Malaga Airport to Adra is about 1 hour 15´.

You can provide your own transportation, rent a car, take a taxi (+/- 30 euros) or rely on our service (from/to the airport or Adra).

On the motorway A7 / E15, take exit nr. 384 “Adra / Guainos”.  Then “Guainos bajos” and follow towards  “La Alcazaba”. Crossing this village, look to your right and you will see the sign “El Trebolar” (the distance from the highway exit to the entrance of the mountain road to El Trebolar is  5 km).

Starting at sea level, you go up to a height of 700 meters following a mountain road that winds through the beautiful Alpujara Baja . Just after the village El Patio you will see a sign marked “Cerro del Pozo”. Turn right. After one km you will see another one. Turn left. The last 800 meters is off road and not suited for low hanging cars (e.g. Sports cars).

Therefore, if necessary, we provide free transportation from the village church, which has ample parking space, to the estate (2 km).