Catering & Butler

For a few hours or 24 hours a day


Many choices for those who would rather not cook.

Breakfast and/or lunch and dinner, whether extensive or not, with or without drinks, extra snacks and appetizers, gourmet, ecological, local luxury products, dietary, pure cuisine, vegetarian, vegan, etc… Tell us your preferences.

  • champagne breakfast in bed: 15 euro / person
  • lunch (2 courses + drinks): 35 euro / person
  • dinner (3 courses + drinks): 50 euro / person
  • all inclusive (all meals, beverages, snacks and aperitif’s): 110 euro / per day / per person

Keep in mind that these prices are estimations. You are to relay your personal wishes for the meals you’d like to order. Products required or requested for these meals will impact the cost of your meal.


Time-based pricing.
(Eg 2 persons / 1 day: 160 euro)

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