Feeling good

Are you in search of a feeling of well-being that you carry with you after your holiday, one to only vaguely recall after a month’s worth of daily routine?

I guarantee that it needn’t be this way.

Many suffer a battle with stress, disease, pain and fatigue. An ongoing struggle both materially and mentally.

We all search for a solution, a coping-strategy. That, or we risk being stuck with that exhausting feeling, gradually forgetting who we are, only focusing on what we do.

What makes Cerro Del Pozo a turning point :

Just by being here, you can and will discover your inner oasis.

The remote mountainside allows you to see the hectic world from the clouds. With the world at your feet, the eagles invite you to look at life from a bird’s eye view.

All you have to do is let it in, and breathe.

Every effort will be one too many, and your time is your own.

You don’t need anything else to rebalance your mind and body. This balance will allow you to glide graciously on the currents of life.

We offer services, guidance and activities, if needed, to help you unfold.

You may request dance, yoga, the singing of matras, body massage, pulsing, guided hypnosis, both for relaxation or recreation.

Quality of life is made up of being and not doing. That is my opinion.

I have lived and found I strove too much. I followed courses, therapy, I read and created. The more I thought I learned, the more complicated living a fulfilling life became. It took courage but I was set on a new course, one of acceptance and surrender.

A word of warning; once back in your daily lives, that “good feeling” may dissipate if it is not maintained, through time and thought. If it does, the old bad feeling will reappear.

Scientific studies show, and through experience and practice I am convinced, that the means to this end are MEDITATION.

Very simple but effective, and a guaranteed, positive result.

If you wish, I will teach you some techniques. (After your stay, you may contact me for support and questions as you need.)

The gap between “life is a struggle” and the conviction that it can be different, is small. But you have to take the jump. Invest in yourself. Noone else has more value than yourself. Miracles do happen. I can testify they do.

Would you like to know more? Whether Cerro Del Pozo is what you’re looking for? Feel free to contact me through phone or email.

Fabienne Uylebroeck
0034 689278479